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September 28, 2009

paper clay trial

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last year, i made tow puppets with paper clay as  a gift to my friend. the orange one represents me and the green one represents her.

it was quite fun to play with paper clay. i think u should have a try. just remember to color it in the end. i used acrylic to color them.




yb-frontyb-rightyb-backyb- left

the two actually have a home, which is a paper box made from tissue box. there’s also a mushroom grows inside haha~


their home 🙂 u can actually see the mushroom…

and here it is!





Sec 4 Coursework-faces&facial expressions

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here i explore the different views of a woman face.


facial expressions

here i explore different facial expressions.

Sec 4 Coursework-research for animals and foetus

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Sec 4 Coursework-character designs

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hair design for SHE 1

my first design for SHE is a lady with straight long hair.



character design for SHE 1

to suit with hair design 1, the first design for the whole body came out.



character design for SHE 2&3

later i also tried curly hair. then i thought i preferred curly hair. the final desin would be the one on the right.



character design for the brothers

i tried to show the muscles of human so that they looked more powerful.

May 4, 2009

GAP Coursework 2009 progress report V

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T2 W6


this week i received two comments from my friends :D. thanks so much for their advice!

from their comments i  foud some shortages in my storyline. i need to make the story line clearer for the audience to understand. to achieve this i need to work on the actions and facial expression of the characters. different characters will have different behaviour. moreover, i also need to find suitable symbols to present the theme.

at the same time, i also need to keep the story short.

i’ve already finished the draft storyboard. this week i’ll make improvement to my story line and the storyboard. also i need to prepare fpr the block test.

GAP Coursework 2009 progress report IV

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T2 W5

for this week i’m still working on my storyboard and also doing research.

at the same time i also re-edit my story line so that it’ll become clearer and easier for audience to understand.

April 13, 2009

GAP coursework 2009 progress report III

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T2 W4

this is the last week for research. i’m still rushing for my storyboard and at the same time researching for anything i need for the storyboard.

i find that, in animation tha actions of the characters are very important. it requires me to show the character’s actions in a clear way so tat people will know what he/ she is doing. as the characters in my coursework will not have dialogues, showing actions clearly becomes even more important.

April 6, 2009

GAP coursework 2009 progress report II

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T2 W3

i’m still struggling with my sroryboard.. i have to settle many details in the board as it ‘ll be the basis of the whole animation. thus i have to do a lot of research and sketch.

GAP coursework 2009 progress report I

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T2 W2

my coursework of this year will be an animation.
by now i have finished the storyline of my animation. i’ll focus on storyboard and hopefully i’ll finish it by T2 W4.
i’m also doing research when doing the storyboard.

April 5, 2009

artworks III-pure 2D works

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this post consists of 8 pieces of works of mine. they’re not part of my coursework of any GAP works. i just drew them for fun 😀



i was inspired by Japanese animation when i drew this one. a fighting girl.



a lady surrounded by flowers.



this one tells a story about a girl who accidentally discovered a garden. to her surprise, the roses in the garden were like humans. and then they had a chat hahaha 😀



in this piece of work, the world was almost destroyed by war. however, the artist  (the girl) still believed that there would be hope. she travelled around the world to discover the hope, which could be a growing seed, a grass, and so on, and drew them down. i dunt know the end of the story. maybe u can help me think of one haha.



also inspired by Japanese animation. she was one of those people who were trained to be killers. they had no soul, no feelings and they were just tools.



a story about a girl and a swan. they lived together.



boy in the bus stop



these tow persons were travelers. they were going to set off again to explore the wonderful world hahaha~

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